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Collection Objects Using CONTENTdm

CollectionBuilder-CONTENTdm is designed as a “skin” over the top of one or more existing CONTENTdm digital collections. Collection objects are managed and stored in the CONTENTdm repository as normal–you don’t need to change anything with your CONTENTdm set up or workflow!

This also means you don’t have to do any special “objects” prep for CollectionBuilder! CB-CDM work is focused on getting the metadata correct after exporting from CONTENTdm–which is covered in the Metadata section.

CB-CDM sites use standard CONTENTdm APIs to retrieve display images and file downloads from your existing collection using each item’s “CONTENTdm number” (cdmid in CB) and the “Collection Alias” (cdm-collection-id or collectionid in CB). The CDM “utils” API provides a thumbnail and download for any object format. The CDM IIIF API provides higher quality images for objects with an image format.

In addition to objects in your CONTENTdm repository, CB-CDM supports external video items hosted on YouTube. These items do not have to be part of your CONTENTdm repository.

Note: CONTENTdm’s “compound object” type can be tricky to work with! There are solutions to working with and displaying “compound objects” in CB-CDM, however, they may not immediately work out of the box in all cases. If you have a choice, avoid compound objects! If not, take care with your metadata transformations and reach out to the CollectionBuilder team for help.