CollectionBuilder is an open source tool framework for creating digital collection and exhibit websites that are driven by metadata and powered by modern static web technology.

a spreadsheet with metadata in rows

You do the Metadata.

Use your own spreadsheet and add a few required fields.

CollectionBuilder makes it work.

CollectionBuilder makes it work.

Upload your metadata and let CollectionBuilder use it to make:


Choose a template then use our Documentation and Tutorials to build your site step-by-step.

GitHub Pages

A Lightweight framework to get you started.
Build a digital collection totally online using GitHub and GitHub Pages for all configurations and object storage.

screenshot of CollectionBuilder-GH Starter Site
CollectionBuilder-GH Starter Site
built with GitHub Pages


A robust, metadata-driven collection.
Build a sustainable Stand Alone project on a highly customizable base using the newest version of CollectionBuilder.

screenshot of Idaho Queered
Idaho Queered
built with CSV


Build a CONTENTdm Skin to put on top of one or more CONTENdm collections, using your systems API to build an engaging exhibit. Can be modified for other systems and APIs.

Templates in Development


Build a Full Digital Library, connecting all your stand alone Collections with an Elasticsearch and Digital Ocean Spaces enabled digital library.

In Development


Build a Google Sheets driven version of CollectionBuilder. Publish your Sheet (or any CSV) and add the link to the repository to generate a CollectionBuilder site.

In Development

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At it's heart, CollectionBuilder is a set of Jekyll projects or templates designed following the Lib-Static development methodology which aims to lower the barriers for development and deployment of digital collections, while upholding the unique values and perspectives of GLAM institutions.

CollectionBuilder prioritizes pragmatic, sustainable, and simplified approaches to infrastructure to ensure the tool is 'do-able' and approachable for digital knowledge workers in libraries and museums, empowering them to take control of their web systems. An experiment in 'minimal computing', CollectionBuilder provides a depth of learning opportunities and development possibilities, allowing users to take complete ownership over the project and make their work open to the world.