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CollectionBuilder Docs

CollectionBuilder was designed with learning in mind–and so are these docs!

CollectionBuilder’s workflow is scaffolded in order to help users build web and data literacy skills as they progress towards building and deploying new digital exhibits. To that end, we’ve worked hard to make this documentation comprehensible for the novice user moving through the sections step-by step, as well as, useful for more advanced users searching for specific content.

We hope you will find everything needed to create a CollectionBuilder project–but also learn the techniques of a static web approach that can power many other types of projects!


This Documentation applies to all the current “Templates” of the CollectionBuilder tool. For the majority of the tool’s features and setups, the documentation is the same. There are steps where the documentation does vary between templates, however, so be on the lookout for bolded font and colored alerts that indicate when the documentation diverges.

The templates are currently:

  • GH - for CollectionBuilder-GH, a lightweight learning-focused template designed for free hosting on GitHub Pages.
  • CSV - for CollectionBuilder-CSV, a robust template for developing exhibits on your local computer (and serving them from anywhere!)
  • CDM - for CollectionBuilder-CONTENTdm, a template for generating a “skin” over an existing CONTENTdm repository.

CollectionBuilder recently updated from Bootstrap 4 to the current version, Bootstrap 5! The migration should not impact most projects. If you did previous customizations with Bootstrap, keep in mind there are a few differences between the versions, and the template no longer includes jQuery.

Get Help

We want your questions!

CollectionBuilder is building a learning community, so one of the best ways to get help, and help others in the process, is to ask questions on the CollectionBuilder Discussion Forum. Always provide a link to your repository as it makes understanding and debugging the issue much easier!

You also might want to check our Tutorials page for the latest videos!

How To Get in Touch

Have questions, comments, or concerns for CollectionBuilder developers? You’re welcome to contact any or all of us:

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