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Additional Variables

This section of “_config.yml” provides additional configuration options and technical details.

The following settings in “_config.yml” are optional. Your site will work successfully without changing the variables below.

Google Services

These options can add pre-configured Google services if desired.


  • Uncomment google-analytics-id (by removing the hash and space # in front), and add your Google Analytics ID if you would like to add a pre-configured tracking code snippet.
  • The template uses “gtag” implementation.
  • example –> google-analytics-id: "G-1X23X1XXXX"
  • Note: Any analytics service can be added to your site by pasting the tracking snippet they provide into the file “_includes/head/analytics.html”. Analytics will only be added during final production build. See Add Analytics to your Site for details.


  • Uncomment google-cse-id (by removing the hash and space # in front), and add your Google Custom Search Engine ID to automatically add a embedded Google search page.
  • See Google CSE for details of implementing.

Robots Exclude

Robots exclude standards can tell indexers such as Google you do NOT want your site crawled and added to their search index. In other words … If you uncomment noindex: true, the site won’t show up in Google. This can be useful when developing prototype sites that you don’t want to be found, especially if you will deploy them in a different location when finalized.


  • Uncomment noindex: true (by removing the hash and space # in front) if you do NOT want Google to index your site.

Development Mode (Sheets only!)

Development Mode is an option in CB-Sheets only. If development-mode: is set to true, the live collection provides features that allow the metadata on the site to be temporarily reconfigured by visitors via a form or url parameter. This is handy when collaborating and prototyping–in fact, you don’t even need metadata configured in the metadata-csv option! See the CB-Sheets demo site for an example

When you want to finalize your collection, set development-mode: false to turn these features off.


  • true or false.
  • True activates public features to reconfigure site metadata including set up modal forms and url parameter option. False site will have one set metadata and will ignore url parameters.
    development-mode: true

Build Settings

This section contains advanced Jekyll settings. You should probably just leave these settings as they are.


  • Tells Jekyll which files to ignore, things that aren’t needed in the built out website.


  • Controls how the CSS is built when the site is being built.