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Collection Settings

This section of “_config.yml” provides important values to CollectionBuilder used to generate your site content and pull in images.


  • The filename without the extension of your metadata CSV file.
  • Metadata specified in this value will drive the browsing features and item page generation–this is the true heart of your CollectionBuilder project!
    metadata: boxing

GH users: At this point you can skip to the Additional Variables section.

Required Settings for CONTENTdm


  • The “collection alias” of your CONTENTdm collection
  • The alias is a path assigned by CONTENTdm and can be found in CONTENTdm Admin on the Collections > Profile page, or by looking at the URL of the collection on the web. For example “” the collection alias is given after “/collection/”, so would be ui_ep.
    cdm-collection-id: boxing


  • The full url for your public CONTENTdm instance (with NO trailing slash!).
  • Generally these follow the pattern “https://cdm” + a number + “”, although custom domains should also work. However, your CDM admin interface url (starting with “server”, e.g. will not work.

Optional Page Generation Settings

CollectionBuilder-CONTENTdm and -CSV use a custom Jekyll plugin to generate individual HTML pages for each item (row) in your metadata CSV. By default, the “CollectionBuilder Page Generator” plugin needs no additional configuration–it will automatically use the value set in metadata to generate pages.

In advanced use cases, you may want to tweak the CB defaults or generate pages from more than one data file. The values under the page_gen key can be used to customize page generation.

For details, please see “docs/” in the project template you are using.