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Map Page

This section of “_data/theme.yml” configures the collection’s Map page.


  • Determines the center of map.
    latitude: 46.727485


  • Determines the center of map.
    longitude: -117.014185


  • Determines the zoom level for your map. The higher the number, the more zoomed-in you’ll be.
    • Range: any whole number between [0 - 18]
      zoom-level: 5


  • Determines the base map layer for the map.
    • Options: Esri_WorldStreetMap, Esri_NatGeoWorldMap, Esri_WorldImagery (Default: Esri_WorldStreetMap)
      map-base: Esri_WorldImagery

The fields below determine “map search” and “map cluster” features. For larger collections with many items at one spot, we recommend turning on the map-cluster option and turning off the map-search feature.

  • Enables a user to search the map via the large magnifying glass on the top right.
    • Not suggested for large collections.
    • Options: true, false
      map-search: true


  • Allows for less precision with search terms.
    • Range:
      • 0 = exact match only
      • 1 = anything
        map-search-fuzziness: 0.35


  • Clusters markers that are near each other.
    • Suggested for large collections or for collections with many items in same location.
    • Options: true, false
      map-cluster: true


  • Determines the size of clusters
    • Range: 10 to 80
      map-cluster-radius: 25

Tip: A user can change the layer the map is using by clicking on the Layer button at the top right of the map in the browser.

The map can be searched by clicking on the magnifying glass just below the layers option at the top right.