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Too Quick Start

If you are familiar with Jekyll and GitHub, the basic concepts and set up of CollectionBuilder will be pretty straightforward to understand. Instructions below provide the way too fast steps to creating a collection.


  1. Create a new project repository using the CollectionBuilder-GH template by clicking the “Use this template” button.
  2. Copy the Metadata Template.
  3. Follow the formatting of the example record in the template to fill in metadata for your own collection objects.
  4. Upload your collection files into the “objects” folder in your repository (.jpg, .png, .pdf, or .mp3).
  5. Upload your collection metadata as CSV to the “_data” folder in your repository.
  6. Edit the “_config.yml” with your site information.
  7. Activate GitHub Pages for the repository.
  8. Check out your site via the link provided on your repository’s settings page!