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Software for Working with CollectionBuilder

GH users: No software needs to be installed to use CollectionBuilder-GH. All actions and edits can be completed via GitHub’s website making it easy to get started–you will just need a GitHub account. However, some GH users might enjoy working on their local desktop instead–if so, follow the instructions below to install the required software. All CollectionBuilder templates use the same development environment!

To get started editing code, managing your project, and building websites with CollectionBuilder on your computer you will need: a text editor, Git (version control system), Ruby (programming language), and Jekyll (static web site generator).

These are all free, open source, and cross platform software, so you should be able to get set up on any computer. We know installing software can be the biggest hurdle to getting started with CollectionBuilder. Our advice is to stick with it. Having your local “development environment” for a Jekyll-based project set up will be rewarding, allowing you to edit code and see how the website changes right on your laptop.

Troubleshooting: We’ve tried to anticipate problems you might have. If these options fail, try Googling your problem using very specific search. If Google doesn’t help, email Evan (he’s probably not doing anything).

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