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Theme Color Configuration (config-theme-colors.csv)

For simplicity, CollectionBuilder uses pre-compiled Bootstrap CSS. However, to make basic theming possible, we have added some code in “_sass/_theme-colors.scss” based on Bootstrap Sass to generate custom color CSS for btn-, btn-outline-, text-, and bg- classes. The custom classes can override existing Bootstrap theme colors or create new color classes.

By default, these options are not used.

To add custom colors, edit the two columns in the “_data/config-theme-colors.csv”. The columns values are described below, or see an example.

Warning: If you provide invalid values in the “color” column, you will may end up with SASS errors when building the site! It is best to use HTML hex color notation.


  • The name you’ll use to designate the color (i.e. the part after the - in btn-primary).
  • This must be a string with no spaces or weird characters. Typically we use only letters and - in class names.
  • If it matches an existing Bootstrap color class name, your color value will override the Bootstrap version.
  • If your color_class is unique, you will be creating a new set of color utility classes available to use on your site.
  • Your color_class will be appended to the Bootstrap prefixes btn-, btn-outline-, text-, and bg- to generate new classes.
  • Example overriding Bootstrap color –> primary
  • Example new class –> special-gold


  • A valid HTML color code, usually given in hex code notation (for example, check this color picker).
  • Should never contain characters like ; ! @ $ % ^ * { } as values that are invalid CSS may cause SASS errors that prevent Jekyll building!
  • Example –> #4232a8

Themed Color Details

Each “color_class” with a valid “color” value will generate a btn-, btn-outline-, text-, and bg- class for the color, e.g. btn-primary, btn-outline-primary, text-primary, and bg-primary. Any “color_class” with a blank “color” will be ignored.

For convenience, the standard Bootstrap theme colors are provided to fill in if desired, which will override the existing Bootstrap colors. Adding a non-Bootstrap “color_class” will generate new custom btn colors. E.g. “color_class” special will generate CSS for .btn-special and .btn-outline-special.

CollectionBuilder uses btn-primary, btn-outline-primary, btn-success, btn-info, btn-outline-info, btn-outline-secondary, btn-light, and btn-outline-light in page layouts, so overriding those styles will have immediate effects on the colors. The nav elements use bg-dark and text-dark by default.



The above example would really change the look of your site! We’ve kind of randomly generated these, but you could use more color coordinated attempts, or your organization brand colors (for instance), to redo just a few of these and see some real changes to the look and feel of the site.

Keep in mind it is easy to create theme colors that negatively impact useability! If your page elements such as links and buttons do not have enough contrast, users will have difficulty navigating and reading the content. Always use contrast checkers and accessibility testing tools built into your browser to test your designs.