Student Program

Student Program

Eligibility: Applicants must be full- or part-time students at ALA-accredited Library and Information Science (LIS) programs in the United States who are interested in learning about CollectionBuilder (no experience necessary!)

Stipend: Each participant will receive a $400 stipend.

Application Deadline: Applications will open Fall 2023

Description: Are you an Information and Library Science (LIS) student interested in expanding your digital collection knowledge and/or learning web development skills? CollectionBuilder is an excellent option for creating a free and long lasting digital collection site that you can add to your portfolio, while exploring tools and platforms such as Git, GitHub, Jekyll, Markdown, HTML, and CSS that you are likely to encounter in your future career as a digital librarian.

We are looking for students who are interested in learning and customizing a CollectionBuilder instance, and willing to document their experience to demonstrate creative uses of the framework. This program is meant to be a learning opportunity; therefore, no specific technical knowledge is required to apply. Participants will use CollectionBuilder’s robust documentation and follow tutorials to get their sites set up, then work with the CollectionBuilder team to implement and document customization ideas.


  • Follow a series of brief tutorials to prepare data and create a CollectionBuilder site
  • Prepare and publish one short video tutorial documenting a CollectionBuilder feature, or a blog post that highlights your project
  • Submit feedback and attend a follow-up virtual meeting with the CollectionBuilder team to discuss the experience

Timeline: Students will create their projects during the Fall 2023 semester.

Stipends Available: 8

How to Apply: Applicants should prepare a short (min. 200 words) description of why they want to learn CollectionBuilder. An application form will be posted here in Fall 2023.