CollectionBuilder was built for a wide variety of users, so we’ve tried to make the tool as easy to use as possible. Some initial set-up is required, especially for our Skin and Stand-Alone versions, as these require the installation of Ruby and Jekyll on a personal computer.

Once the initial set-up is complete, users will be able to create their collections through adjustments to metadata and to config files.


This Documentation applies to all the “Types” of the CollectionBuilder tool. For the majority of the tool’s features and setups, the documentation is the same.

When it is different–GH users, for instance, can ignore many steps–we indicate that via columns, bolded font, and colored-alerts (like this one).

The types are currently:

  • GH - for CollectionBuilder-GH, our lightweight, GitHub Pages version.

  • CDM - for CollectionBuilder-CONTENTdm, a skin version that works with the CONTENTdm API.

  • SA - for CollectionBuilder-Stand-Alone, the full digital library solution we are currently developing.

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