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Funded Opportunities

The CollectionBuilder 2023 Incentives Program is the latest grant-funded opportunity for using and contributing to CollectionBuilder.

Who is this for? We are seeking instructors, students, and digital librarians who are interested in engaging with CollectionBuilder and providing formal feedback to the development team. Participants will be awarded a stipend for their work implementing, documenting, and developing CollectionBuilder.

Current Opportunities:

Not sure if you qualify? Review the incentive descriptions linked above, and reach out to Julia Stone at with any questions. Applications will be reviewed by the project team, and we are committed to selecting participants from a wide range of institution types and backgrounds.

Visit the About page to learn more about our current grant support and activities.

Community Involvement

Incentives program not for you? There are many other ways to contribute! If you or your institution might be interested in adopting this framework more seriously, we can help. Please get in touch and help us guide the future of CollectionBuilder.

  • Feedback! - If you have thoughts on the documentation, framework, visualizations, user interactions, or any other features, please please please provide us with feedback. Our intention in doing workshops and presentations is to gather feedback on the tool so that CollectionBuilder can continue to grow, becoming more useable and useful.
  • Ask Questions - Get in contact on the CollectionBuilder GitHub Discussion Forum to ask any technical questions or bring up issues you encounter.
  • Contribute - If you take to the static web development model and would like to provide contributions of your own to our tool, we would LOVE to work with you and incorporate any contributions you might make. We have a project code of conduct and Contributing doc with tips and conventions.

Our highest hope for this project is to enable a small army of librarians to develop the type of tools and sites that keep the GLAM professionals in control and not subservient to bloated infrastructures and/or third-party contracts. We hope you will feel drawn to help us build that community.